This SD-WAN product is like no other.

The Brainbox comes with 8 programmable WAN/LAN Ports supporting multiple WAN and VLAN connections and uses patent pending breakthrough technology to manage redundancy, security and performance.  Applications such as Voice and Video that often conflict no longer conflict with your need to maintain security on your network. Replace expensive MPLS connections with 2 or more inexpensive, redundant IPVPN connections.

Pain Points Driving the SD-WAN Market

The Cloud has taken off, and companies are now completely dependent on it, making their Internet connections the lifeline to business operations.
  • Proliferation of Custom and 3rd Party applications bring high bandwidth needs and deployment/maintenance headaches
  • Capacity and Reliability - MPLS more expensive, requires T1 (which has limited bandwidth), no failover
  • Network Security - becoming increasingly problematic
  • Difficult to resolve conflicts between voice quality and network security
  • Patchwork of disparate solutions, which need to be managed via separate vendors
  • Significant PCI 3.0 and HIPAA compliance requirements
These issues become magnified with larger companies that need to connect offices together. MPLS and T1 are expensive, outdated technologies, which cannot satisfy the more complex demands that all companies must now address

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