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Restaurant Franchise

Wired IQ helps restaurant owners to keep pace with customer demands.

If you're a quick service restaurant business is in need of an ultra-reliable communications solution with unlimited scalability, you need WiredIQ


Wired IQ benefits our customers in many ways, from cutting costs to adding critical functionality, and this is especially true of our restaurant customers. This is especially important to an industry with as many distinct needs as Quick Service Restaurants that has often in the past had to choose between meeting one need at the expense of others.  

Business Continuity And Quality Of Service

A restaurant that is unable to take orders is in deep trouble. The razor thin margins that many Quick Service Restaurants operate under makes this situation even worse. Restaurants can't afford downtime of their operation, and that's where WiredIQ's bandwidth failover can come into play to ensure business continuity. WiredIQ also guarantees 99.999% uptime reliability, with the Star2Star Unified Communications solution having provided 100% voice uptime since 2011. An extensive suite of disaster avoidance and recovery protections make sure that your calls keep coming in even if one of your locations is inaccessible due to disaster. A unique Hybrid Architecture provides the highest call quality in the industry. There's a reason that Star2Star has a 99.85% customer retention rate!
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