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The Smartest Way to Connect Your Business to the Cloud

In addition to specializing in Telecom, we have added the complete suite of cloud based services to you via our highly trained certified technicians available to back you up from our 24/7 /365 NOC. Coast to Coast our offerings are available to local partners trained in the implementation of the Brain Box.

In the past, you had to either give up security, performance, or quality and pay a king's ransom for an MPLS circuit to connect to the Cloud. The WiredIQ BrainBox has patent pending, breakthrough SD-WAN technology, that leverages the cost saving advantages of securely combining multiple, low-cost internet connections. This allows you to access managed services such as business grade unified communications and other Cloud applications faster and more efficiently. The BrainBox does this while maintaining secure, private IPVPN network connections between your business locations and protecting your network with PCI 3.0 and HIPAA compliant security. As a bonus, you can deploy the Internet of Things (IoT), applications such as surveillance, building controls, LED lighting, and burglar alarms.

24x7x365 Network

We begin monitoring with the BrainBox, which is connected back to all of your equipment that is on your local site and it is also connected back to the NOC.

When there is an issue or problem and the issue hits a certain threshold it automatically opens up a ticket in our network operating center. The network operating center collects all of this information in real time and when an issue reaches a certain level you get a ticket that opens up and we begin to look at it more closely. So you may not even know that you have a problem, but we can see that you have a problem and address it.

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Backup and Business Continuity

Backing up everything from your servers and PCs to actually backing up the processing with automatic failover.

We provide complete business continuity. This includes everything from backing up your servers and PCs to actually backing up the processing with automatic failover. Depending on how critical the application is and how far you want to take it, we have a partnership with a company called Datto and they are just really the kings of backup.

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