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Service Matrix

WiredIQ Services Matrix

WiredIQ Equilibrium SD-WAN bandwidth load balancing and failover system WiredIQ provides additional features and managed internet access via it’s Equilibrium SD-WAN bandwidth load balancing and failover system.  Those features include:  
  • WiredIQ Nervous System
    • 24x7x365 connectivity monitoring to ensure uninterrupted quality service;
    • Next Business Day replacement of covered components;
    • Support via redundant U.S.-based network operations centers (NOCs) with automatic alerts;
    • Equilibrium SD-WAN bandwidth load balancing and failover system  – allows load balancing of multiple bandwidth paths as well as data, video, and voice communications to continue in the event of a bandwidth outage; and
    • 99.999% uptime SLA for cloud services and bandwidth availability when multiple paths sold by WiredIQ are managed with the SD-WAN Equilibrium load balancing and failover system.
  • SmartPath software (required)– two-way traffic shaping and selective application routing to optimize use of multiple bandwidth paths based on user defined prioritization criteria.
  Details and full descriptions of the WiredIQ Equilibrium SD-WAN bandwidth load balancing and failover system features can be found in Schedule 2.  Charges for the WiredIQ Equilibrium SD-WAN bandwidth load balancing and failover system features as described above are billed monthly, excluding any one-time, up-front WiredIQ Products and Services Component charges, if applicable.   SECURITY AS A SERVICE (SECaaS) Security as a Service components include the following:  
  • Intelligent Adaptive Firewall -  Template driven Cloud managed firewall rules that can be remotely modified based on Subscriber or NOC (Network Operations Center) instructions or locally modified based on an event that has been detected in the logs. This software is updated by a local process known as Brain Stem that leverage a premise initiated process every sixty seconds which reports the status, health and system logs (including security logs) to the Visual Cortex application in the cloud and received new instructions from the Cloud.
  • NOC Monitoring – Network Operating Center provides 24x7x365 supervision and monitoring to maintain standardized operation of the Subscriber’s network covered by the service provider.  This is provided on an unlimited basis for a monthly fee.
  • IDS/IPS – Intrusion Detection System, Intrusion Prevention System monitors all inbound and outbound network activity to identify any non-standard patterns or activities. Intrusion Prevention System provides preventative measures to the threats or patterns analyzed inline to the IDS.
  • Content Filtering – Screens and excludes access and/or availability of web pages determined objectionable by the Subscriber broken into over 50 categories.
  • Email Spam Filtering – Screens and detects unsolicited email and messages and prevents them from entering an inbox of the Subscriber.
  • IPVPN (Peer to Peer and Client Server) – Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network is a private communications network used by the Subscriber’s location/s to communicate over a public network.
  • In addition to these centrally managed network security functions that operate in the BrainBox WiredIQ also facilitates PC an MAC based Firewall, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, Anti-Malware, and Anti Spyware.
  • All BrainBox and Desktop security services report to a common cloud based ticketing system in the WiredIQ NOC
  VOICE AND UNIFIED COMMUNICATION APPLICATIONS The Subscriber makes recurring monthly payments for services such as IT, communications, security, and building automation equipment and related software and services (as defined below) for the term of their Subscription Agreement, in addition to choosing one of the three WiredIQ Products and Services payment options described above. Below are the specifics on services, software and other service fees.     UC Bundles WiredIQ offers its unified communications features in pre-arranged bundled offerings (“UC Bundles”), with the ability to add certain services and application software ala carte.  See Schedule 1 for the existing UC Bundles.  The most current UC Bundles and pricing can always be found in WiredIQ Quoting System. A description of the features contained in the UC Bundles and those available a la carte are shown in the attached Schedule 2.  As additional UC Bundles become available for sale, they will be added to WiredIQ Quoting System and as an exhibit to the Subscriber Agreement.   Voice Telecom is sold on: 1.) a traditional (non-pooling and non-bursting) line-per-location basis; 2.) unique WiredIQ “pooling and bursting” lines sharable across all locations of the Subscriber; or 3.) an unlimited local and domestic Long Distance “per seat” basis.  Subscribers may mix types of voice services across locations when line-based, but may not have line telecom services at one location and seat-based telecom services at another. Also, Subscribers always must choose a single type of telecom service at each individual location.   Telecom, whether line or seat-based, starts with a default retail price which has the flexibility of using the maximum available discounts for the Installing Reseller to lower the pricing to a floor amount.  Since commission is based in part upon recurring revenue received, it is in the Installing Reseller’s best interest to not discount from the default retail price.  Occasionally a Sale must be won on economic terms and WiredIQ wants to give the Installing Reseller every tool possible to win a Sale, if necessary, through highly competitive pricing.  Default retail and floor pricing are integrated into the WiredIQ Quoting System.   SmartSeat Telecom and Smart Lines SmartSeat Telecom always provides one call path per UC Bundle.  By comparison, SmartLines can be allocated across a location in a greater ratio, for example, one (1) SmartLine can be used for three (3) UC Bundles.  SmartLines are designated as either “Pooling and Bursting” or “Non-Pooling and Non-Bursting.”  Pooling allows for the sharing of Pooling and Bursting lines across multiple locations. Bursting allows for additional calls to be active above the number of subscribed SmartSeats or SmartLines.  If the total number of active call paths exceeds the total number of SmartSeats or SmartLines, then a bursting charge is applicable. Non-Pooling and Non-Bursting lines do not allow a Subscriber to pool or burst and are assigned to a specific location.   Both SmartSeat and SmartLine bursting are charged at a per-minute rate based upon 6-second billing increments.  Subscribers have one billing cycle grace period to expunge any bursting charges so long as they extend the term of their Subscription Agreement (i.e., sign a new Subscription Agreement for a term equal to or greater than the length of the original Subscription Agreement) and add sufficient SmartSeats or SmartLines to cover the entire bursting charge.   Additional Voice Services These are additional fees associated with voice service, each of which is charged on a monthly basis (when applicable) at current rates.  Current rates are incorporated into the WiredIQ Quoting System or available on WiredIQ’s website (in the case of international calling rates).  Note, WiredIQ Quoting System does not calculate or display usage-based charges or e911 services as part of the Quote.  See Schedule 2 for a list of these additional fees for voice services.  A minimum of one e911 service charge will be assessed for each location and zone.  Each e911 zone also requires a separate DID which appears as a separate line item charge.           IT MANAGED SERVICES The BrainBox can also facilitate the Management of all of your IT assets by deploying Remote Monitoring and Monitoring Agents on your PCs. Remote Monitoring and Management provide for managing software version control, license and asset management as well as centrally managed Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware and personal firewall on your PCs and Macs. Your servers and other network assets can also be monitored and managed. Local and Cloud backup provide two tier business continuity protection.   Desktop Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Management of covered desktop devices from the NOC. Remote access by WiredIQ will be used in circumstances where the user is having issues or is unable to access one or more parts of their device.
  Desktop Security
  • Antivirus and Malware detection and protection software subscription for covered desktop devices.
  Desktop Backup
  • Regulated backup of covered desktop devices is stored to the cloud to allow for backup of the device’s data and settings should the device become unable to operate to the user’s needs.
  Desktop as a Service
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure that allows the party managing the Subscribers desktop interface to control the PC for maintenance when requested by the Subscriber.
  Server Management Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Management of covered servers from the NOC. Remote access by WiredIQ will be used in circumstances where the Subscriber is having issues or is unable to access one or more parts of the server.
  Server Security
  • Antivirus and Malware detection and protection software subscription for covered servers.
  Server Backup
  • Regulated backup of covered desktop devices is stored to the cloud to allow for backup of the device’s data and settings should the device become unable to operate to the user’s needs.
  Hosted Server
  • Server provided and hosted by WiredIQ for the Subscriber. CPU, Memory, and Storage sizes are all negotiated within the Subscriber executed quotation.
  INTERNET of THINGS (IoT) Deploy The Internet of Things and gain access to modernized premise Security with Video Surveillance and commercial burglar alarm that is backed up with a built in AT&T   wireless connection so if your internet connection is cut the alarm still works. You will save money by eliminating the monthly cost of the old alarm phone line that you no longer need. Save more money on your electric bill with LED lighting and Intelligent Air Conditioning controls and sensors all controlled by the BrainBox.   Video Surveillance
  • Camera monitoring of desired areas of the Subscriber’s organization. The Subscriber is able to have monitoring live feed submitted to an operating center negotiated at the time of subscription agreement.
  Premise Security
  • Burglar alarm management provided by control panel and a number of varied infrared, motion, and shock sensors.
  Access Controls
  • Location security provided by access control devices, such as fingerprint and RFID card readers.
  Building Controls
  • Control management for qualifying devices such as compatible LED lights and smart air conditioning, all handled through the BrainBox.
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